Understanding Software

Software development is in high demand these days. People use it in every field of life.

How Does Software Help?

Software is the type of program that helps a person to perform various tasks. If a computer does not have the correct software to enable it to work, the individual will not be able to complete any job.

There are two types of software, system software, and application software.

System Software

The system software is responsible for the proper functioning of the system. It works as a mediator between the user and the hardware. It is essential for the management of the entire computer system. When you switch the computer on, the system software gets initialized and loads in the system’s memory. This type of software runs in the background and helps the entire functioning of the computer take place properly. It is also called ‘low-level’ software.

Some examples of system software are:

1. Operating system

The operating system is a collection of software that helps all other applications to run smoothly. There are different types of operating systems. Some examples are Linux and MS Windows.

2. Device Drivers

Device Drivers control hardware that is attached to the system. These exist in the form of printers, keyboards, and mice. Some examples of device drivers are USB drivers, display drivers, ROM drivers, and sound card drivers.

3. Firmware

Firmware is permanent system software that is in the read-only memory of the system. It is a set of instructions stored on the hardware. Firmware gives information about how a particular device interacts with other equipment. BIOS, UEFI, and Embedded systems are some examples of Firmware.

4. Utility

Utility assists in analyzing and optimizing and also configuring and maintaining a computer system. It supports the computer infrastructure. Norton Antivirus, WinRAR, WinZip, and Piriform CCleaner are some examples of Utility.

Application Software

These programs are end-user programs. They help the user to complete tasks like online research, designing graphics, and playing computer games. They lie above the system software.

Some examples of Application Software are:

1.Word Processors

These applications are for documentation purposes. They help in storing, formatting, and printing of documents. Some examples of word processors are MS Word, Google Docs, and Corel WordPerfect.

2. Database Software

Database software creates and manages a database. This kind of software helps in data organization. MS Access, FileMaker, Clipper, and dBase are some examples of these.

3. Multimedia Software

Multimedia software helps the users to play, create and record images, audio, and video. This kind of software helps in animation and video editing. It also helps with image editing and graphics. Some examples of this software are Adobe Photoshop, Picasa, and Windows Media Player.

4. Web Browsers

Web Browsers help to browse the internet. They help to locate and retrieve data. Some web browsers are Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.

Some people prefer to classify software based on their availability. As such, we categorize the software as Freeware, Shareware, and Open-Source.

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